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Noah's Floating Zoo
Noah's Floating Zoo DVD features Noah and a loveable cast of animals. Children will follow Noah as he obeys God's command to build an ark and gather two of every kind of animal.

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This video features creative use of animation, classical and worship music, puppets, children in animal outfits and Bible verses.

The DVD also includes two Noah's Ark games for PC, and 5 Language Tracks - English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Portuguese.
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Noah's Floating Zoo

"This video is outstanding! It's creative, educational and entertaining. Hey, it keeps my toddler sitting in one place longer than any other video. I love it!"

Kristi Watts co-host
The 700 Club

Noah's Floating Zoo is such a fun and engaging way to teach the story of Noah to young children. It will capture your family’s attention and fill their minds and hearts with precious truths from the Bible.

Lenae Danzeisen

“I love the creative aspect – the music, color, the photography – and the whole idea of “Solomon’s Nursery” – inspired!  Educationally: The quality of the content is exceptional.  The color, music, and appeal are custom-made to bless and enrich the small child’s retentive faculties. I’m happy to recommend it to all parents, teachers, and grandparents of small children.”

Carole Adams
Executive Vice-President
Foundation for American Christian Education

My wife and I were delighted by your video, and appreciated the classical music in particular.  

Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh, Conductor and Director
Christian Performing Artists’ Fellowship. Masterworks Festival

I just had to pass along how much I absolutely LOVE the Noah's Ark DVD- I was so very pleased to see how imaginative, unique and captivating it is- it really kept Gracia's attention and is so appealing to kids of all ages/levels while soaking them w/ the Word and song of the Lord- LOVE THAT!  I think it spoils me for other Christian kids videos, and certainly is a tough act to follow. :-)  I really look forward w/ eager anticipation to future DVD's- I will definitely buy future productions, so keep me posted!   :-) Have a fantastic day!

Laura Beach

Great job on the video. My 14 month old loves it. It's the only thing she will sit still for. Even my 6 year old will watch it from start to finish. Congratulations. Awesome video.

Jean- Guy Bureau

I just wanted to let you know that at 19 months, Callie absolutely loves this video.  Every day she says “Holy, Holy, Holy” (she actually says “Poly, Poly, Poly”) letting me know that she wants to watch it.  It is her favorite video of all (over Baby Einstein) and she watches it twice a day.  She also learned to say Noah and she’s started to sing “Hallelujah”.  She has learned a lot from “Noah’s Ark” and her interest is kept through out the whole video.

Jennifer Cook

Solomon's Nursery's beautiful adaptation of Noah's Ark has earned a permanent place in our DVD player!  My husband and I don't mind watching this one over and over, which is good because my 2 year old and 5 year old ask for it again and again!  Thank you for providing us with an enriching program we WANT our children to watch.

Jana Pearson, Chesapeake, VA

I'm always for anything that smartly engages my 2 year old toddler...and Noah’s Ark does!  It’s rhythmic, imaginative and friendly.  Children will love the animal antics and captivating animation. The original musical score neatly ties a ribbon around this snappy DVD. I hope there are more like it in the works!  

Cindy Newman

At 15 months old, my little one already knows what great entertainment is; and with him sitting still, it’s a bonus for mom.  It’s definitely ‘two thumbs up’ and then some!

Holly Burnat, Mobile, AL

Noah's Ark is such a fun and engaging way to teach the story of Noah to young children. It will capture your family’s attention and fill their minds and hearts with precious truths from the Bible.

Lenae Danzeisen

I was given the DVD and had socked it away after a looooong time, but finally dug it out about 4 days ago.  Well that was a mistake because all I hear from my oldest now is "Can we please watch Noah and de Yark now?" Constantly.  Ridiculous.  They both sit mesmerized when it's on.  I'd say you done good.

Jason Drass, Atlanta, Georgia

“Ben, my 19 month old, has worn out our first copy and we need a replacement. Do you have any more in that series? They are great."

Joel Russell, Pasadena, CA

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